Notas Legales Capitulo 68

Goods exported in bulk by wagons, wagons, tankers, lorries, containers and trailers shall be taxed on the basis of their net weight, irrespective of the provisions of the customs heading concerned, without prejudice to provisions on means of transport laid down in other legislation. (c) strands divided into strands by one or more separators, strands having a uniform weight not exceeding the reference subheading. This Chapter covers not only articles intended for direct use but also, in certain headings, semi-finished products which must undergo processing before being used (e.g. mixtures of asbestos or mixtures of asbestos and magnesium carbonate of heading No 6812). Art. 11a.- In the case of products falling within Chapter 25 and metallurgical minerals under Chapter 26, the exporter or his legal representative must indicate in writing the chemical composition, mineralogical variety and place of origin of the products. (b) garments and accessories of leather (other than gloves), of leather, covered with natural or processed fur, and garments and accessories of leather the outer parts of which are of natural or de facto fur, provided that they are not mere trimmings (headings Nos 43-03 and 43-04 respectively); (a) textile products of Chapters 50 to 57 containing two or more textile materials are classified as being made entirely of predominantly heavy textile materials. 1.-This chapter deals only with products normally supplied by nurseries and horticulturists for planting or ornamentation. However, potatoes, onions, shallots, garlic and other products of Chapter 7 are excluded from this Chapter. 4.-For the purposes of No. 85-19, printed circuits are defined as circuits which, alone or in combination according to a predetermined scheme, alone or in combination, alone or in combination, by the application of an insulating support, by any printing process (mainly coating, electroplating or etching) or by the technique of circuits formed in the form of layers, conductive elements, contacts or other printed components (mainly inductors, Resistors or capacitors) can be obtained alone or in combination with each other according to a predetermined scheme.

except for all elements that can generate, rectify, modulate or amplify an electrical signal (for example, semiconductor elements). However, the expression `unwrought copper` of heading No 74.01 means steel wire and billets which have been pointed or otherwise worked at their ends solely to facilitate their introduction into machinery intended for processing into wire rod or tubes. (b) ethyl alcohol or glycerol esters with acid-function organic compounds of Subchapters I to VII shall be classified with the corresponding acid-function compounds; (b) products, whether or not mixed (excluding aromatic distilled water and aqueous solutions of essential oils), suitable for use as perfumery or toiletries, cosmetics or local deodorants and put up for retail sale for those uses. 4.-For the purposes of this tariff, “reactive quality” means the quality defined by the nature of the product by virtue of its purity and presentation, which determine the character of the analytical reagent or scientific research. 2.-The term dextrin, used in heading 35-05, is deemed to apply to starch breakdown products with a reducing sugar content, expressed as dextrose, on an anhydrous basis equal to or less than 10%. (e) alternative solutions for the products referred to in points (a), (b) or (c), provided that such solutions constitute a normal and indispensable method of packaging only for reasons of safety or transport and that the solvent renders the product unfit for special or general uses; 1.-Without prejudice to explicit or implicit exceptions resulting from the wording of No. 3, the products of this Chapter shall be crushed, pulverized, stirred, sieved, sieved, enriched or not by flotation, magnetic separation and other mechanical or physical processes (excluding crystallization) as washed products (including chemical substances which remove impurities without altering them); however, no grilled or cooked products or products employing more than what is indicated in each shipment. (e) `artificial graphite (heading No 38-01)` means products offered as fillers for extinguishing systems or grenades of heading No 38-17; gums put up in packings for retail sale of headings Nos 33 to 19; nutrient crystals (other than optical elements) of halogenated salts of alkali or alkaline earth metals, weighing 2,5 grams each of headings 38-19; Rolled products (other than coils as defined in Note 1 (k), of any thickness and, in the case of square-shaped products, of a width exceeding 500 mm. (ij) extinguishing products of heading No 38-17 put up as charges for extinguishing appliances or in fire extinguishing grenades of heading No 38-17; Yarn, cut to shape, bleached, dyed or printed, of sheep silk or of tempered silk glass, of headings Nos 38 to 19 (c) Twisted, bleached, dyed or printed yarn; Of a length of 75 000 metres or more per kilogram of string: 4. Excluded from headings are printed matter published for advertising purposes by or on behalf of a house whose name appears, as well as printed matter primarily engaged in advertising (including tourist printed matter). 49-01 and 49-02 and included in 49-11. 2.-For the purposes of heading No 70-07, the expressions “cast or rolled glass” and “window glass” (whether or not rough or polished), other than square, rectangular, curved or otherwise worked (chamfered, engraved, etc.), apply to articles made from such glass, provided that they are not framed; glued or plywood with materials other than glass.

(e) products referred to in (a), (b), (c) or (d) containing added an anti-dust or colouring agent for ease of identification or for safety reasons, provided that these additives do not make the product suitable for special or general uses. (a) fabrics the impregnation, bathing or coating of which is not visible to the naked eye (Chapters 50 to 58 and 60 in general); For the purposes of this provision, no account shall be taken of changes in colour caused by such operations; 2.-(a) Nos. 71-12, 71-13 and 71-14 do not extend to articles in which precious metals or coatings of precious metals are only accessories of minor ornaments (such as initials monograms, ferrules, borders, etc.); Footnote 1 (b) does not include these points. 3.-Products offered in sets composed of several different components included in whole or in part by this section and found that, after mixing, they are intended to form a product of Section VI or VII shall be classified in the heading of the latter product provided that: (n) interchangeable tools of heading No 82-05 and brushes; form machines of heading No 96-01 and similar interchangeable tools classified according to their component (Chapters 40, 42, 43, 45, 59, Nos 68-04, 69-09, etc.); Strip and similar shapes (artificial straw) of man-made fibres fall in heading No 51.02 if their width does not exceed 5 mm and in Chapter 39 if they are not. (c) Sintered mixtures of metal powders, intimate sequence mixtures obtained by fusion (excluding cermets) and intermetallic compounds follow the alloying regime. 3.-The term petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals used in heading 27-10 applies not only to petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, but also to similar oils and oils obtained from mixtures of unsaturated hydrocarbons in which the non-aromatic constituents outweigh the weight of the aromatic constituents. regardless of the method of obtaining. 4. Solutions (other than collodion) of the products referred to in headings Nos 39-01 to 39-06 in volatile organic solvents shall be considered to fall in headings Nos 32 to 09 if the solvent content exceeds 50 % by weight of the solution.