Nelsons Fusion Legal

“Melanie Morton is particularly good. She manages to reconcile legal advice with the economic requirements of our company. At Nelsons, we want to empower our clients, give them a voice, fight for them, help them get justice, and guide them through the complex legal issues they face. The desire to evolve to better serve our customers has been a constant throughout our development. Nelsons was founded in 1983 as an independent partnership with Tim Hastings and two other lawyers in a small office in Nottingham. Since then, we have grown into one of the leading law firms in the East Midlands with offices in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham supporting and advising businesses, individuals and families on their legal and investment needs. “Laura Kearsley is our main contact person and very good. Knows your way, communicates in non-legal language and always offers solutions. She leads a very good team, all of which are very powerful. “The legal work was excellent and punctual. One key difference between Nelsons and other major law firms we`ve dealt with is that they focus on a personal touch.

It is reassuring to know that they are there and that they can look at all the changes we need to make in legal matters. Fusion Legal is free to join, and when you become a member, you can expand your firm`s services by giving your clients access to expertise in areas of law that you do not deal with. And it`s not just about legal services. We also have a team of independent financial advisors who can help you and your clients. “My regular paralegal has the best I`ve ever worked with. He responds quickly and keeps me constantly updated on all the cases he is working on. He managed to contact former customers who were impossible to contact. Communication with him is always friendly but professional and he is always very clear and transparent about the different options. He has my full confidence.

“Nelsons is our law firm for England and Wales, providing pragmatic and commercially conscious legal advice. From our simplest questions to the most complex and valuable, Andy Rudkin approaches our cases conscientiously and is always approachable. “Daniel Brumpton – Partner. A very practical, knowledgeable and excellent lawyer with clients. He has a great natural way of explaining complex legal issues to laymen. He is an experienced litigator and is a pleasure to work with. We have always tried to challenge the traditional norms that are often associated with the legal industry. In 2010, we were one of the first law firms in the region to be transformed into a corporation. In 2014, we achieved Alternative Business Structure (ABS) status, which allows our non-legal employees to become partners, as well as in the management, transfer and investment management teams. CLIENT: Family Studies COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: Very good at explaining, patient and not patronizing when I ask about legal terms I didn`t always understand. I was very satisfied with the service I received.

Our expertise We have expertise in market-leading commercial and personal law, investment management and online services. “Quality of service from a long-established medium-sized company.” Thank you for your interest in joining our referral network “There is a good mix of knowledge and the team works very well together. Clear cost classes are new and very helpful in understanding the support we receive. Not investing in yourself and your business is no longer a free food ticket, but essential to stand out from a crowded market. CLIENT: Collection customer BUSINESS / COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL: As a small business with bad debts, we were determined to act with the full force of the law to collect what was owed. The principle of the thing is motivation. Mac Clarkson of Nelsons Solicitors guided us perfectly through the process. The result. The client had to pay double what was originally billed and now has a district court judgment on file for the next 6 years. We highly recommend Nelsons and would not hesitate to re-educate them if necessary.