Ms Amlin Legal Entities

MS Amlin is one of the world`s leading insurers, part of the world`s top 10 MS&AD insurance groups, with three main legal entities operating in the Lloyd`s, Continental Europe and Bermuda markets. With a record of 300 years and around 1,800 employees at more than 20 locations worldwide, we provide high-quality service to companies facing the most complex and demanding risks. Our role places us at the forefront of the property and casualty insurance, shipping and reinsurance markets. Pasterfield is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in the global industry. He has successfully led IT and operations for several multinational insurers, most recently as Director of International Operations at The Hartford. His experience is well suited to help MS ABS further improve its strategy and provide valuable services to MS Amlin`s legal entities. The company looks forward to confirmation of Pasterfield`s launch date in the near future. MS Reinsurance is a global reinsurer based in Switzerland. With underwriting offices in Zurich, Bermuda, Miami and New York, MS Reinsurance provides world-class reinsurance products and services to clients worldwide and is part of the world`s leading MS&AD insurance group. MS Reinsurance is the trading name of MS Amlin AG, which is still the legal entity at risk.

This reorganization includes the removal of the regional detention framework for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance`s three regions, Asia, America and Europe, including MS Amlin Plc, effective January 1, 2020. Under the new structure, MS Amlin Plc will therefore be dissolved and MS Amlin Underwriting Limited (MS AUL), MS Amlin AG (MS AAG), MS Amlin Insurance SE (MS AISE) and MS Amlin Business Services (MS ABS) will be directly owned by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI). The mission of our group is to contribute to the development of a dynamic society. We are experts in underwriting and damage, both with technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the areas we insure. We put the people we serve at the heart of everything we do, creating strong, balanced working relationships – so you can expect world-class service and support from experts who understand your world. Our values guarantee the continuity of our stakeholders. Building lasting relationships with clients and brokerage partners remains at the heart of the business. MS Reinsurance will continue to differentiate itself from its established hubs in Zurich, Bermuda, Miami and the recently opened New York office. The target operating model will serve segmented markets and customer groups with tailored deployment models. This will enhance MS Reinsurance`s ability to optimize solutions for customers` reinsurance needs and facilitate business transactions for customers and brokers. This transformation is underpinned by a shift in our culture, enabling our people to work together globally to create value for both our customers and our business. “I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for Simon and James` excellent contribution to Amlin MS over the past few years and look forward to their continued support.

Over the past few years, they have led the company through a significant transformation that has helped it position itself well for the future. FTI Consulting, Shipra Khanna / Gina Magnin: +44 (0)7866 822 205 / +44 (0)7815 585 751 Robin Adam, Chairman of MS Amlin Corporate Services Limited, commented: “On behalf of all members of the MS Amlin group of companies, we thank Rob for his service and dedication to the company. His leadership and vision have led to a strong strategy to advance GBA MS. We wish Rob every success in his future endeavours. Most recently, he was Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Old Mutual Corporate Businesses and led the liquidation of Old Mutual`s London operations to support the delisting of Old Mutual in the UK. For more information, please contact the media team: Chris Beazley, CEO of MS Amlin AG Since joining MS Amlin over 10 years ago, Chris has been an integral part of the management team. He has held senior positions in the London maritime and reinsurance sector, launched MS Amlin`s business in Singapore and served as Head of Global Clients and Strategy for MS Amlin`s SBU Reinsurance. In 2016, he was CEO of London Market Group (LMG) for two years. MS Amlin Marine NV is a general agent managing captive (Coverholder) that offers you tailor-made transport insurance solutions. We can combine several carrier options and offer you A-rated capital flexibility. Tamaki Kawate, Director and Senior Manager, Head of International Business at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, commented: “We are delighted that MS Reinsurance has taken this strategic step and allows the company to clearly define its place in the market as a company focused exclusively on reinsurance solutions.

MS Reinsurance will continue to grow as an ambitious, customer-oriented reinsurer with a pragmatic and efficient approach. This rebranding is the next step in MS Reinsurance`s development and we are committed to continuing to support the company. This reorganization includes the removal of the regional framework for holding companies in Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance`s three regions, Asia, the Americas and Europe, including MS Amlin Plc, effective January 1, 2020. MS Amlin Corporate Services Limited (MS ACS) is the employer of our UK operations. MS Amlin Business Services (MS ABS) is an entity that sits within MS ACS. The appointment as CEO takes place for MS ABS. In addition to MS Reinsurance, which exclusively underwrites reinsurance risks, other units of the MS&AD Group will also underwrite the reinsurance business in accordance with their strategy and risk appetite. Easy collaboration We quickly connect opportunities with the right decision makers, and our underwriters are able to make quick and informed decisions. With experienced underwriters with deep industry knowledge, we offer a full range of digital solutions that make business for SMEs easier and more efficient with us.

Competitive pricing Our in-depth knowledge of the market, our specialized risk expertise and an efficient and effective platform allows us to offer attractive risk prices.