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15 LEGAL Class P/ PR DELEGATED POLICY, and we will issue the full refund, even if you have already uploaded videos or PDFs. FULL PACKAGE P/PC PR (DELEGATE) It will be a pleasure to be part of your itinerary! Paulo Bilynksyj Police delegate and SP professor. COURSE PRESENTATION From now on, we will start our regular course in forensic medicine, which focuses on objective evidence for the PARANÁ POLICE DELEGATE. For now, it should be noted that this forensic medicine module addresses all the topics of the last announcement (213) of the PR police delegate, in addition, accompanies him to our video courses. We will discuss this again in the chapter on general aspects of the issue. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY OF THE LAW FOR THE EVIDENCE OF THE CIVILIAN POLICE DELEGATE The discipline of forensic medicine has been requested in numerous tenders for police officers. This includes the state of Paraná, where you want to work. Of course, this trend makes perfect sense is that we deal directly and daily with crime scenes, exposed corpses, obvious or unevident injuries, falsifications of documents, simulated victims, shootings, identification of weapons, in short, there are countless situations that we can face as police delegates. The fact is that this situation requires that we have a minimum knowledge of many subjects in forensic medicine. As a result, states tend to explore discipline, including those that do not yet do so. In particular, I think some things are more than important, they are strategic.

I think that some disciplines do not measure knowledge, but the level of strategy of DEMO 10 LEGAL Class P / PR POLICE DELEGATE candidates, who already as practice industry policy “pause. When there was a shortage of food for prisoners, fuel for vehicles, renovations in police stations, vehicles and other items for normal maintenance, there was always someone willing to roll up their sleeves so as not to drop the “steering wheel”. Many selfless evasive manoeuvres have also died or been seriously injured in the fight against crime. Some still bring deep visible or invisible scars, for lack of recognition or by accident. However, all this is part of the institutional history that is being built at every moment, leaving good or bad traces that even time cannot erase. Respect for the most experienced Many histories have been built during these 164 years of existence of the Civil Police of Paraná, always with ambition, insight and perseverance of people who have dedicated their lives, so that the institution has always been among the best in the country. Countless characters have entered or left the scene, in a constant exchange of experiences, spilled of blood and sweat, either behind the scenes, where the acts are like basic sanitary facilities that are underground and that no one sees, or operationally in police units, when the clashes are more direct and visible. Today`s diversity generally requires more skilled and multidisciplinary security forces willing to fight crime using technologies for more effective intelligence. This does not mean that the most experienced police officers are treated contemptuously by younger officers or lean into a corner as if they have nothing else to contribute. For one day, when they resist the pleasure of career and hard work, the new ones will also be “Antigões”, perhaps with the same merits or who knows, as institutional “backs”.

However, it is important to understand that joviality alone, if there is no determination and, above all, “shirt love” police, is useless. The civilian police is a historical institution. And there are still many stories to tell, because their daily lives are full of characters who add every day another facet to remember with altruism, ufanism and, above all, institutional corporatism. And that the “old and new” dichotomy is only a mechanism of strengthening and growth. Together, in one way or another, they will certainly make a big difference in the quality of life on the day of the institution, of each servant and of the inhabitants of the state of Paraná. Thus, in a common way, many experiences and adventures are lived by each of the components of this great institution, the Civil Police of Paraná. Live! Congratulations, in particular, the requests that have preserved it so far, with sacrifices or not, and also to the other servers for more this anniversary DEMO 13 LEGAL Class P / POLICE DELEGATE PR Criminal Procedure Law General Questions 1 Approval at this stage required the candidate to achieve at least 5% performance in the entire test and at least 4% per discipline group. Second. Stage: Discursive test The discursive test consisted of 8 discursive questions with a total score of 1 point, divided into the following disciplines: a) b) c) d) Dir. administrative Constitutional law; Criminal law The approval of criminal proceedings at this stage required the candidate to achieve a capacity utilization rate of 5%. Third.

Stage: Title The title phase is only a qualification phase. 4th edition. Step: Physical hygiene examination. This was the step of carrying out the physical hygiene examination, i.e. the assessment that takes into account the conditions of the candidate as a whole in order to check for structural malformations and morphological abnormalities incompatible with the exercise of the civilian police function. The scene also had an eliminatory character. 5th edition. Stage: Physical Fitness Test The eliminatory fitness test consisted of: (a) vertical training; (b) extension hopping; (c) abdominal flexion; (d) network climbing; (e) segment racing; (f) DEMO Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/OHIM SUPPORT: Luso American Foundation for Development/FLAD Casa de Cultura da Beira/CCB CERjovem ATENÇAÕ MULHER MENINA! Portugal Foundation – Africa ANSWERS 7 LEGAL LESSON P/ POLICE DELEGATE PR I always say: – every minute of learning was worth it and I did it again and again. I am also dedicated to a career as a professor here, in legal strategy, where I teach the laws of civil police organization, forensic medicine and criminology. I also have the privilege of co-authoring books in partnership with other doctors and hikers. I take note of the proceedings: 217 Editora: Questões Discursivas. Police delegates commented and answered discursive questions and practical pieces.

218 Publisher: New Century. São Paulo State Civil Police Chancellor, Investigator, preparatory document. Competition – Agent, Finally, I am a technical consultant for film and television. As you can see, I have been working in public tendering for about 18 years and have been helping people achieve their dreams ever since. So I say I`m a passionate teacher! I always believe in the best of my students and that recognition is a matter of time, strategy and discipline.