Are Weddings in Las Vegas Legal

The second thing you need, and you really can`t get the first one if you don`t meet that requirement, is to be of legal age of consent. To get married in Las Vegas, you must have reached the legal age of consent of 18 years or older. Las Vegas is the land of instant weddings, and there seems to be a wedding chapel around every corner. The wedding industry may seem like entertainment in Las Vegas, but the result is almost always a legal marriage that is recognized everywhere, even in a foreign country. There`s that old cheesy saying about how what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but does your Las Vegas wedding ceremony still mean you`re legally married after leaving the city limits? As mentioned earlier, there are two different types of las Vegas wedding ceremonies that you can have, each with different weights in terms of legality. For one, you have a wedding in Las Vegas that requires a marriage certificate. This wedding ceremony is legally binding as it requires you to apply for a marriage license from the state. It will cost you about $77. Most of the city`s major hotels have wedding chapels and many local restaurants offer wedding ceremonies. Weddings can also take place in one of the local churches, synagogues, on one of the many golf courses or in an individual wedding chapel. Driving weddings are also available. [5] Everything seems to be going at an accelerated pace in Vegas, including the wedding process.

No, you can`t just go to a wedding chapel, say “I want” and go out to be legally married. There are a few boxes that you need to tick before this happens. Still, it`s pretty easy to have a legal wedding in Vegas, and if you do, your marriage is legally binding everywhere. Note that the couple must use their legal name when it appears on their government-issued ID card. “One of the many reasons Las Vegas is an attractive destination to tie the knot for life is how easy it is,” says the Rev. Arnold Garcia, a Vegas wedding manager for the past decade and owner of the Love Story wedding chapel. “Without waiting, you can decide to get married on the same day. Each legal ceremony begins with a marriage certificate issued by the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Engagement ceremonies follow the same traditions as a wedding ceremony, wearing a beautiful wedding dress and a veil to say “I want”. The only difference is that this type of ceremony is not legally binding in the same way as a wedding. Like everywhere else, there are few things you need to do before you can be considered legally married in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you plan your Las Vegas wedding in advance, you`ll find that the process is quite stressful. It`s easy to get everything you need with little effort. Even if you suddenly decided to tie the knot, it is quite easy to get the necessary documents. The process of going to the marriage license office, showing your ID, and getting a legal marriage license takes about 15 minutes from start to finish if there is no line. The time it takes depends on how many other couples in love have the same idea as you. Now that we`ve covered the basics of legal marriages in Las Vegas, let`s go over some cases where you can get married in Las Vegas without a legally binding contract. The first and most important thing you need for a legally binding wedding in Vegas is a marriage certificate. In other places, obtaining a marriage certificate involves a waiting period that can take weeks and requires almost every form of identification imaginable. There are a few exceptions to exceptional circumstances where a 17-year-old can apply for a marriage license in Las Vegas, but these exceptions are rare and far apart. In most cases, if you want to get married in Vegas, you have to be a legitimate adult. The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight.

To apply, each partner needs a valid piece of identification (driver`s license, passport or birth certificate). With a birth certificate, the person needs a document that contains the person`s name and photo, or a document that requires identity verification as a condition of receiving the document. Your license will be prepared with your legal name exactly as it appears on your ID. You can get married immediately after receiving your license and it will remain valid for one year. 2. What is a detached wedding chapel? A detached wedding chapel is not connected or connected to a casino, hotel or shopping mall. A building that resembles the appearance of a chapel used exclusively for weddings and wedding services. A Social Security card, birth certificate, and other forms of legal identification that do not include a photo and your date of birth will not be accepted as identification. Another type of ceremony where you don`t legally marry the person you`re standing next to is a vow renewal ceremony. Many married couples come to Las Vegas to renew their vows and reaffirm their commitment to their marriage.

Yes, same-sex ceremonies are now legal in Nevada, so we can perform ceremonies for same-sex couples. Can I get married in Vegas without a license? If you just want to have fun, then you can for sure, but it wouldn`t be legal. Weddings in Las Vegas refer to wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has become known as the “wedding capital of the world” due to the ease of obtaining a marriage license and the minimal cost involved. The city continues to be known as a popular wedding destination for the same reasons, but also because of the different types of weddings. You can get married in Vegas even if you are not a U.S. resident. Your wedding in Las Vegas is a legal marriage recognized worldwide! Most countries require a certified copy of your marriage certificate ($20) and an apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State ($20). If necessary, you will also receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate ($6.50).

Contact your home country`s consulate in the United States to find out if additional certifications are required. You do not need marriage certificates or marriage certificates for this type of ceremony. Most chapels will give you a certificate of renewal of vows without legal assistance, but you can also apply for a certificate of renewal of vows from the County Office of Matrimonial Licenses. Can you just go to a chapel in Vegas and get married? Yes! Vegas Weddings accepts walk-in weddings. You can get married here on the spot. This is one of the reasons why it`s so easy to get married in Vegas. No blood test or waiting time is required if you want to tie the knot. The legal minimum age is 18 for both men and women (proof of age is required) and royalties are $77 (credit or direct debit only). Most weddings held in Las Vegas can be a civil or religious service, depending on the wedding venue chosen. [5] It is now mandatory to apply online no later than 90 days before your wedding. Fill out the Las Vegas marriage license application here. Important! You are requesting a legal document.

Make sure the name you enter exactly matches the name on the government-issued ID you use to get your marriage certificate in Las Vegas. Marriage certificate information in other languages: For a superlative wedding, visit High Roller on the LINQ promenade, which at 550 feet is the highest observation wheel in the world. Perfect for intimate weddings, there are private packages that sleep up to 18 people (couple and 16 guests) and a 30-minute ceremony starts at $1389.